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We welcome all donations from individuals, families and donors who wish to support Ngā Manu’s role in education, research and conservation. As a charitable trust, funding limits what we can achieve. Through donating you are contributing to the preservation of our native flora and fauna, including New Zealand’s rare and endemic species.

The Nga Manu Trust is a registered charitable trust and donations are tax deductible. If you would like to make a donation please fill out the fields below:

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Ngā Manu Endowment Fund 

Leave a lasting mark on the conservation and preservation of our native species. If you would like to help ensure that Ngā Manu Nature Reserve thrives and continues to provide future generations of visitors with a real nature experience you may consider contributing to our Endowment Fund.

The Fund, established by the Ngā Manu Trust, is administered by the Nikau Foundation  Money that is placed in the fund is held in perpetuity and only the net income generated can be used to aid the running of the reserve.  By contributing in this way you would be a perpetual benefactor and recognised as such.