Create a Legacy

Leave a lasting mark on the conservation and preservation of our native species by including a bequest to the future of Ngā Manu Nature Reserve in your will.

Large or small, your gift ensures the success of Ngā Manu Nature Reserve for years to come. Should you choose to give to the Trust in this way, Ngā Manu will recognise your thoughtfulness and should it be your wish we can create a commemorative plaque or memorial to celebrate your contribution.

If your greatest love is the natural environment, you may wish to hold your memorial service for your family, friends and loved ones in our Ngā Manu Function Centre, surrounded by nature.  Please contact us to discuss your wishes or email

The pallbearers at Peter McKenzie's funeral at Ngā Manu Reserve.
The pallbearers at Peter McKenzie’s funeral at Ngā Manu Reserve.